How to Lighten Your Hair from Dark Brown Hair Dye

It's every woman's nightmare. You go into a salon with the intention of turning your hair a darker color but when the towel comes off, you are appalled: It is much darker than you imagined! Lightening dark brown hair dye is something that women have been trying to do ever since the dawn of hair color. Sometimes the tricks work and sometimes they don't – you might have to try several different options until you figure out what works for lightening your hair type.

How to Lighten Dark Brown Hair Dye

So the worst has happened: you have darker hair than you expected. What can you do about this? Fortunately, there are several options that might work.

Immediately use a clarifying shampoo on your hair. Do this as soon as you possibly can, before the color really has a chance to set as deeply as it can. The clarifying shampoo might strip some of the color from the hair. Be sure to condition very well afterward to keep from drying out your tresses.

If you have done the color at home, immediately call the hotline number on the box. Those at the hotline deal with questions like this all the time, and they might have many tricks to share with you on how to make things look lighter.

You can try lightening dark brown hair dye with professional lighteners, but then you will need to use toner to correct the resulting color. Rather than go through all that chemistry hassle, it might be best to go to a salon and ask for their assistance. If you are at the salon when it happens – when the towel comes off and you see dark hair that makes you cringe, ask the stylists immediately if she can fix it.

Here are more details for those who need information on lightening dark brown hair:

Natural Remedies in Lightening Dark Brown Hair Dye

If you need to lighten the dark hair but you are tired of all the chemicals, you can turn to home remedies to help. Most of these work like a charm, but it might take time to find the one that works for you.

Here is a video showing how to make natural hair lightening bleaching:

How to Make Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Sometimes you don't want to lighten your hair too much; you just want some pretty highlights. In that case, adding highlights to your dark hair can be easy.

  1. Paint onto one-inch sections of hair at the front, near the face.
  2. Paint half-inch sections further back, near the top of your head.
  3. Lift the hair and apply quarter-inch sections underneath for a peek-a-boo effect.
  4. Make sure that your highlights are on all parts of your hair, and don't try to keep them symmetrical or the same length; the best highlights are the ones that appear to be natural.

For more detailed information on lightening dark brown hair dye and adding highlights, check out this video:

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