Get a Piercing on Belly Button: Procedure and Aftercare!

Also known as the umbilical dip piercing and navel piercing, belly button piercing ranks at the top of all popular body piercings. The most common technique involves piercing the upper rim of the navel. Despite the name, the belly button or true navel is not actually being pierced. If you want a belly button piercing, the most important step is to find a reputable piercer. Some areas require a license and documentation of training that qualify them as a certified trained piercer.

How Is Belly Button Piercing

Here are the common steps for piercing the belly button:

  1. The piercing room must appear clean and smell clean. The chair should be clean and have either a disposable or washable covering.
  2. The piercing professional should wash his/her hands thoroughly before putting on a fresh pair of surgical gloves. A mask is optional.
  3. Your belly button will be prepared by using a surgical scrub to clean and sterilize the area inside and around the navel.
  4. Topical anesthetic may or may not be used.
  5. The piercing expert will then grasp the skin and puncture with a surgical needle or puncture tool. Most commonly this will occur from just inside the opening of the navel and be directed towards your head. Mild pain is normal, but this part is relatively quick.
  6. The needle is then replaced by your new belly button piercing. 
  7. The area will be cleansed at the end and you are all set with your brand new belly button piercing.
  8. Avoid the temptation to touch or play with your new piercing even after it is fully healed. 

Watch this short video to see an actual belly button piercing being performed by a skilled and trained piercing artist:

How Much Does Belly Button Piercing Cost?

The following are a few must-know facts about what affects the cost of belly button piercing:

Take into consideration the above information, belly button piercing cost on average between $40 and $100. The price is never fixed and be sure to negotiate. If you already have your own jewelry, the cost should be less, around $30. No matter what you decide, be sure that a reputable and licensed piercing salon does your piercing.

What Risks Will You Face When Getting Belly Button Piercing

There are some of the most common risks of the belly button piercing:

How to Take Care of Your Belly Button Piercing

Think of your piercing as minor surgery. The healing time varies from person to person, but generally it takes several weeks. Some heal slower and some heal faster, so this process can take two or three months for some and much longer for others.

Follow these aftercare instructions closely to help speed up the healing process and minimize complications.

1. Things to Do

2. Things to Avoid

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