How to Wax to Wear Those Sexy Bikinis

There are several different types of bikini waxes popular today. Which wax is right for you and which materials you should use to complete this beauty procedure will depend on how much hair you want to remove, where the hair to be removed is located and the nature of your skin. There are a few key safety and hygiene tips you should be aware of before taking on a wax for the first time to help you avoid uncomfortable side effects. Your waxing therapist will go over all of these instructions with you during the procedure to help you get started on appropriate after care.

What Kinds of Bikini Wax Are Available?

When receiving a Hollywood or Brazilian wax, you will typically be treated in a private room with a personal therapist who can address any personal questions or needs that you might have. In most cases you will also be given a pair of paper or disposable undergarments to wear so you do not have to remain fully exposed throughout the entire procedure.

How to Get Prepared for Waxing

How to Deal With Irritation or Infection After Waxing

Those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any condition that weakens the immune system should not undergo a bikini wax. In addition to increasing the risk of developing an irritation, people with these conditions require the added protection that pubic hair provides to help prevent an infection from entering the genital area.

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