Garlic for Hair: Benefits and Using Ways

You probably know about the many health benefits of garlic. Did you know that garlic for hair is very beneficial too, especially as a home remedy for hair loss? Nowadays that people tend to spend their time and a lot of money in various hair salons and various treatments for their hair loss problem, natural and homemade remedies such as garlic are a great option, very cheap at the same time. Garlic has not only the possibility to boost the hair growth, but it also stimulates the hair regrowth.

How Does Garlic Help in Hair Growth?

How to Use Garlic for Hair Growth

Regardless if you have a fine hair that needs to get stronger and longer, or if you are dealing with hair loss, here are some homemade recipes.

Garlic Juice & Coconut Oil Recipe


Mix the garlic juice with coconut oil and apply this mixture into your scalp. Massage the scalp gently and let it do its work for about 20 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly with gentle shampoo.

Pure Garlic Oil Recipe


Warm up the garlic oil and massage your scalp with it. Let it do its work for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly using a gentle shampoo. You can use pure garlic oil twice a week if you want your hair to be healthy, strong and long.

Mix with Shampoo and Conditioner


You can simply add 1 – 2 tbsp. of garlic oil into the regular shampoo you normally use to wash your hair. Make sure to mix it well before using it so it becomes consistent and even.

Garlic and Honey Recipe


Heat up the honey. Add the garlic cloves and mix it so it becomes even. Take the mixture out of the stove and let it cool down a little bit. Apply this mixture gently to your scalp by massaging it at the same time. Let it do its work for a while and then rinse your hair.

Homemade Garlic Balm Recipe


Press the juice from the garlic cloves in order to get about a full tablespoon of garlic juice. Mix the garlic juice with the honey and refrigerate it. Brew the chamomile tea for about 30 minutes. Add the egg yolk to the mixture of garlic juice and honey. Finally, add the aloe vera. Rub this homemade garlic balm into your scalp and leave it to do its work for about 20 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly using a gentle shampoo. In the end, rinse the hair with chamomile tea.

Other ways to use garlic for hair include:

When using garlic for hair, be careful not to get any garlic oil into the eyes. Also, don’t apply the mixture into a broken skin. Make sure to do a patch test before applying garlic oil mixtures for hair loss treatment.

In cases of a sudden hair loss, make sure to consult your healthcare provider as it could be a sign of a certain disease affecting your body which might require proper medical treatment.

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