11 Tasty and Healthy Ways to Cook Salmon

Salmon very versatile and is quite oil-rich and can vary greatly in texture and flavor. Fish in the salmon family include trout and char as well as a standard salmon. Atlantic salmon is one of the most common, consisting of a very deep orange, flaky flesh that has a very oily texture. The skin is silver and black with speckles and heavily scaled. This fish was originally common in rivers throughout Northern Europe but today it is less widely found. Conservationists recommend people avoid wild caught Atlantic salmon as the species is quite vulnerable and fish farming has a negative impact on the fish. Those that would like to consume salmon should seek out organic sources. These types of salmon can be purchased froze, fresh, whole or cut into steaks and fillets. You can also purchase smoked, hot and cold salmon.

How to Cook Salmon 

1. Seared Salmonhow-to-cook-salmon-01.jpg

2. Broiled Salmon

3. Grilled Salmon

How to cook salmon?This recipe is rather easy and tasty.

4. Baked Salmon

5. Planked Salmon

6. Poached Salmon

How to cook salmon? This recipe adds the least extra calories. 

7. Roasted Salmon

8. Smoked Salmonhow-to-cook-salmon-08.jpg

9. Steamed Salmonhow-to-cook-salmon-09.jpg

10. Salmon en Papillotehow-to-cook-salmon-10.jpg

11. Salmon Patties

Hope you have a better idea of how to cook salmon now. 

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