Stomach Gas: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Passing gas can be embarrassing, if happening in public or in the presence of someone, while it is a natural biological function. The average person passes gas through the mouth or the rectum at least 12 times a day. The body produces stomach gas as a by-product of its normal digestion process. However, there are times when excessive stomach gas can cause various discomforting symptoms. Stomach gas comprises of carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. One of the most common causes of excessive stomach gas is a digestive problem. However, there are a host of other causes for this problem too. Understanding the symptoms of excessive stomach gas and its causes as well as treatment options is useful for those suffering from excessive stomach gas production.

Symptoms of Gas in Stomach

There are several ways that stomach gas makes itself known to us. Here are some of the most common symptoms that a person would experience this condition.

Causes of Gas in Stomach

Gas in the stomach can be due to a myriad of causes. Some are simple causes while others can be due to an underlying medical condition. Some of these causes are provided below.

Treating Gas in Stomach

There are several reasons for gas in your stomach including diet, medical conditions, unhealthy eating habits, etc. So adjusting your eating habits can help a lot for this condition. Try to avoid foods that can cause excessive gas like pears, broccoli, milk, etc. When you drink or eat, try to slow down. Relief from discomfort and embarrassment of gas in the stomach can be alleviated with home remedies, too. For example, ginger has various positive properties that treat gas in the stomach. Adding ginger to foods, salad or having it in a cup of tea can relieve the gassy symptoms. Yoghurt is also beneficial for relieving gassy stomachs. Yoghurt has healthy bacteria that promote stomach health. Eating yoghurt (low-fat) daily can alleviate symptoms of gas. Finally, drinking baking soda with water may also help alleviate gas.

Home remedies for gas in stomach may be helpful in preventing gas temporarily. However, persistent, excessive gas in the stomach requires medical attention.

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