How to Clean Your Sinuses

Both allergies and colds can cause mucus to accumulate in the sinuses. It can cause pain and even lead to infections. When you have a mucus buildup in your nasal cavity, blowing your nose is not going to prove very effective. Even if you feel better, the relief will last for a short time only. Some people use decongestants to treat their condition, but end up dealing with drowsiness and many other side effects. Nasal irrigation is an effective and chemical-free way to clear your sinuses and improve breathing. Let's find out how to do it properly.

Clean Your Sinuses with Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation works amazingly well to remove dust, pollen, dirt, etc., in a quick and effective way. If you do it properly, it may also reduce the severity and frequency of sinus infections. Here is how to clean your sinuses using nasal irrigation.


You need to do some preparations before you start flushing your sinuses. Here are a few things to consider:

Flush the Sinuses

Here are the steps to follow to learn how to clean your sinuses using an irrigation device.

Have a look at the following video to get a better understanding:

Clean Your Sinuses with Pressure

It is possible to clear your sinuses in a rather quick way. You can do it with pressure. Here are the steps of how to clean your sinuses

Now, look for a notch in the inside orbit bone that is right above your eyes with the help of your index fingers. You can find it above the center of your eye. Now, rub this area with as much pressure as you can apply. Run your fingers in circular motions for about 20 seconds only. Once done, massage your forehead gently using your hands. Be sure to massage the center of your forehead first and then move towards your temples.

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