Causes of Itch All Over the Body and Relief Tips

Itching, referred to medically as pruritus, is an irritation on the skin that prompts a desire to scratch the affected area. Itching can be localized to a specific portion of the body or it can occur all over the body. In some cases, this itchy sensation will be accompanied by hives or lesions and may become worse at night. Generalized itching can be more difficult to treat as it can be more difficult to narrow down the cause of your discomfort. In some cases, you may need to consult a dermatologist to get specialized assistance narrowing down the cause of your trouble.

Causes of Itching All Over Body

In most cases, a condition on the skin itself can lead to an uncomfortable itching sensation all over the body. Evaluating the stimulants that could be irritating your skin can help you eliminate your itching.

Common Causes of Itching All Over Your Body

One of the most common causes is dry skin, which can be brought on by a number of conditions.

Causes of Itching All Over Body at Night

Some conditions that irritate the skin may become worse at night or disrupt the sleep cycle.

Causes of Itching all Over Body During Pregnancy

The rapid hormone and body changes that accompany pregnancy can frequently lead to itching all over your body.

Home Care for Itching All Over Body

When to See a Doctor

If your itching appears with no ready explanation and does not cease or if your itching is very severe or appears alongside other symptoms that you cannot explain, you should contact your doctor right away.

Look closely at the skin to see if you can notice any dryness, stings, bites, rashes, hives or other irritation that might explain your condition. If your itching keeps reoccurring then make sure you inform your doctor so further testing can be performed.

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