How to Broiling Hamburgers

Broiling your hamburger is much better than grilling it as it is faster, healthier and will taste better. Get to know how to do it quickly here.

Hamburgers are a common food item in many parts of the world. However, although delicious, hamburgers are extremely high in fat. Many people worry about this fact, as they sink their teeth into a juicy hamburger, taking away some of the joy of enjoying this meal. There is a way for you to have your burger and still eat healthily. The best method of ensuring a tasty, yet fat-reduced hamburger is to broil it. What is broiling? Broiling is very similar to grilling. Grilling involves heating the hamburger from below, while broiling involves heating the meat from the top. Broiling your hamburger is better than grilling it as it is faster, healthier and tastes better. It is also an excellent way to make your hamburgers if you do not own a grill. Do not worry about your options of broiled hamburgers as there are many recipes and procedures available that enable you to broil your foods.

Procedures of Broiling Hamburgers

There are a number of methods you can use to broil hamburgers. However, firstly, you need to prepare the burger in the proper manner. Point to note when making hamburgers; never use frozen burgers. This will result in your burger falling apart because of the moisture within.

  • Preparing the Burger - For the best tasting hamburgers, use coarsely-ground, fresh meat with approximately 20% or 25% fat. Mix in your preferred seasoning and keep for a while, so that the seasoning is absorbed into the meat. Shape the patty into the required size and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Keep in mind the patty should not be too large, although it should be bigger than the burger bun. Making the patty approximately 2 cm thick will make sure that it gets properly cooked through to the middle.
  • Using the Broiler Pan - This is the pan you will broil the meat in. Place the burger patty on the broiler so that the excess fat drains out into the bottom tray.  You can also line the bottom tray with aluminum foil to make it easy to clean. A normal baking tray, lined with aluminum foil works just as well as a broiler pan. Spray olive oil on the aluminum foil and place the patties about an inch apart on the foil.
  • Using Oven - The oven, by this time, should be pre-heated, for approximately 6 to 8 minutes at a high temperature, so that you can place the broiler pan inside, afterwards. Keep in mind to adjust the oven rack to just the right height. Broiling involves heating from the top. Therefore, the heating coil should be approximately 4 to 5 inches away from the meat. Do not place the meat any closer than this, as you will end up with charred hamburgers.
  • Broiling - When the oven temperature has reached its limit, to make broiled hamburgers, you should place your broiler pan with its patties in the oven. Some ovens require broiling with the doors open while others can broil with the doors closed. You should keep this in mind and check your oven's instruction manual about how to proceed.  Broil the patties on one side for 4 minutes and turn over, using a spatula for another 4 minutes. Never flip the patties with a fork as this can pierce the meat and cause spillage.
  • Checking and Adjusting - You can check if the patties are done with your finger or with a meat thermometer. For rare patties, your thermometer should read anywhere between 120 degrees to 125 F. Medium rare should read 140 degrees F and well done should read 160 degrees to 165 degrees F. Use your own discretion to decide what type of a patty you wish to have inside your burger.
  • Finishing Touches - If you think your hamburgers are ready, take the broiler pan from the oven carefully. Watch out, the oil may spill! Slowly transfer the patties onto a plate and cover with foil so that the juices can be distributed evenly. Cool it, place it on your burger bun, add your onions, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickles, etc. and sit down to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal! Remember that much of the oil has drained away from the meat, by cooking your patty this way, instead of deep frying which actually adds more fat to the burger.

Hamburger Recipes

Broiled hamburgers can be enjoyed with onion and garlic, mustard, and fresh herbs. For a hamburger with onion and garlic you need;

  • 1lb. hamburger meat
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • 1 onion, sliced and broiled
  • 1 tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp. tomato sauce
  • 1 tbsp. whole-wheat flour
  • ½ tsp. salt and pepper

Mix all except flour and onion in a bowl and slowly add the flour. The flour should blend perfectly to the mixture. Make your patties using wet hands and broil for approximately 10-12 minutes. This makes excellent hamburgers for any barbeque.



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