Should I Be Concerned About Pink Spotting?

A pink vaginal discharge is typically caused when your natural discharge contains a small amount of blood. In most cases this is a sign that a woman is about to start her period, but in some cases this can be a sign that something else is going on. It can be a sign that a woman is pregnant or ovulating among other conditions. Considering your other symptoms will help you evaluate why you are experiencing this discharge and what you should do, if anything, to address it.

What Causes Pink Discharge?

A number of conditions can cause blood to mix with the vagina's natural discharge. In most cases this is normal, but you should evaluate your other symptoms to help ensure that you do not require medical attention.

When is Pink Discharge Not Normal?

When you see an abnormal discharge coming from the vagina it can be easy to panic. It is easy to worry but most of the time the discharge is perfectly normal.

The body typically discharges around 2-3 grams of mucus every day. If the body is also experiencing vaginal bleeding this can cause the mucus to turn pink. The chances of this increases if you are sexually excited as the body naturally increases its mucus levels to provide lubrication.

When to Worry

If you experience pinky discharge for a long period of time it can be a sign that a more serious condition. This may be a sign that the vulva or vagina is inflamed, typically due to a sexually transmitted disease. If the color of the discharge begins to turn progressively darker it can be a sign that you may have a cancerous tumor or vaginitis.

You should also consult your doctor if you started experiencing this abnormal discharge after having unprotected sex. If the discharge contains a great deal of blood but you are not on your period this can also be a concern, especially if these side effects are accompanied by abdominal pain.

You should also let your doctor know if you experience a discharge that is very thick and white or green. If your discharge is itchy or foul smelling, often taking on a fishy odor, this can be a sign that you have a serious infection. Also keep an eye out for sores on the genitals that can be a sign that you are experiencing an infection.

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