How to Do a Sitz Bath

Taking a sitz bath can help relieve discomfort around the anal area which can be caused by a variety of injuries or conditions. Baths may be given in the hospital after surgery or pregnancy, but they can also be performed at home to provide relief from discomfort in the rectal area.

What Is Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is used to treat the symptoms of anal fissures or hemorrhoids by encouraging healthy blood flow to the rectal area. Some patients also use this method to help relieve constipation or to cleanse the anal area when you are suffering from itching or muscle spasms. Doctors often recommend a sitz batch after a patient has undergone surgery for hemorrhoids or an episiotomy to help improve healing time. The patient will sit in the warm water to help relax the injured area which can allow the body to better heal the wound.

When Do You Need A Sitz Bath?

Soaking in lukewarm water can help improve blood circulation and in turn accelerates the healing process. You may find a sitz bath quite effective to manage constipation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissure. It may also offer some relief after a vaginal delivery or while recovering from prostatitis.

In some cases, a sitz bath may prove helpful for children with uncomfortable bowel movements, an injury to the genital area, or a skin reaction. A sitz bath can help offer some relief from burning, soreness, and inflammation, but it is important to talk to your doctor to use other treatments at the same time.

How to Take a Sitz Bath

After surgery or treatment for anal injuries your doctor may provide you with a sitz bath seat. You may also find them at medical supply stores or pharmacies at low cost. If you cannot find a sitz bath the treatment can be performed in the bathtub. Your sitz bath may also come with tubing and a solution bag that can be used to provide a constant supply of water to the seat.

Make Some Preparations

Start the Bath

If symptoms persist after taking your sitz bath, repeat the treatment the next day to help encourage continued healing. Your doctor may give you a schedule that you should follow to get the maximum benefit from your sitz bath.

How to Take a Sitz Bath in the Bathtub

If you are interested in taking a sitz bath with your bathtub, here are the steps to follow.

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