Itching Armpits: Causes and Treatments

Itching under the armpits is common in many men and women. Such a condition can be extremely discomforting and irritating. This sensation is medically known as pruritus. The symptoms experienced due to itchy armpits vary according to the underlying condition. In most cases, you may experience itching accompanied with redness, soreness, swelling and scarring. Scratching the itch may temporarily relieve the symptoms, although it can cause an infection through the lacerations caused by scratching. The best method of preventing infection and getting rid of itchiness is to visit a doctor. Any underarm itching that occurs for more than two weeks should be inspected by a doctor and prescribed with medications.

Causes of Itching Armpits

Itching armpits can be a source of distress and discomfort to those suffering from the condition. Certain causes can be cured by general measures, but others need medical treatment. This is why you need to get a proper diagnosis of the exact cause of the underarm itching. Itching armpits result due to allergy, infections, heat rashes and various other dermatological diseases. As there are several causes associated with itchy armpits, understanding various root causes leading to the situation will be important if you are to find a proper cure.

Treatment for Itchy Armpits

Treatment will include general measures that are aimed at improved hygiene and more specific measures that involve medications. In order to avoid excessive perspiring under the armpits, it is advisable to avoid hot and humid conditions and to wear cotton clothes. Some people are allergic to certain deodorants and cosmetics and hence, these should be avoided as well, if suspected of causing irritations and itching. Specific treatment of itching armpits rash involves diagnosis and treatment of any specific dermatological conditions causing the itching.

Continued itching under the arms can be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, it should be checked by a doctor. The treatment will depend on the root cause of the itching. Here are some treatments for itching armpits caused by different reasons.

Itching under the armpits is not natural and should not be ignored. As it is treatable, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition, it is best that you seek medical treatment to prevent discomfort associated with this irritation.

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