What Kind of Cold Medicine Should Diabetics Take?

People who suffer from diabetes have an increased risk of getting an infection, including a viral infection or a common cold. This is linked to a weaker immune system that these persons might have due to diabetes. Also, it is harder to keep the normal and balanced blood sugar levels while being sick than normally. As the human body normally tries to fight the infection and deal with viruses or bacteria that have entered the body, certain hormones are released which will interfere with the effects of insulin, increasing this way the levels of glucose in the blood and making diabetes harder to keep under control. Managing diabetes while being sick is very important.

Cold Medicine for Diabetics

Getting a common cold or flu is common and using over-the-counter cold medicines for treatment, is something that we all do. However, when it comes to diabetics, which cold medicines are safe from many brands of cold medicines available today? Certain products will treat only one symptom like nasal congestion or a cough, while other products will treat several symptoms at the same time. It’s up to you which type of cold medicine you prefer.

When it comes to choosing cold medicine, it is very important to know the ingredients of every medication as these can affect your glucose levels in the blood, making your diabetes get out of control. You probably don’t want that? There are two types of ingredients commonly found in medications including cold medications, active and inactive ingredients. Active ingredients are the ones that actually work and treat the symptoms of a cold, while inactive ingredients don’t have any medical value. Inactive ingredients are usually coloring, flavoring or filler substances. Before choosing a cold medicine for diabetics, read the labels carefully and look for its ingredient content, for both active and inactive ingredients.

Active ingredients that may interfere and affect your glucose levels in the blood are:

Choosing the right cold medication for diabetics can be a challenge sometimes. However, it is good to know that these medications will not cure a common cold or flu.  They will only temporarily ease the signs and symptoms.

Care Plan When You Have Cold and Diabetes

Everyone gets a cold or flu every now and then, regarding of diabetes. However, being diabetic and getting a cold or flu can increase the risk for various complications. First of all, it is very important to stay at home and get all the necessary time to recover.

Illness Prevention Strategy

The best thing is to prevent common cold or flu in the first place by keeping your disease and blood sugar levels under control, especially when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. If your blood sugar levels get out of control, your body will have a harder time to fight the infection. Getting the annual flu shot and other recommended vaccines is also a wise thing to do in order to prevent common cold and flu.

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