I Ate Moldy Bread! What Will Happen?

Molds are microscopic fungi and live on animal matter or plant. So many species of fungi are still unknown - it is estimated that there are over 300,000 types of fungi. Most of these species are threadlike organisms and produce spores, which can be transported by water, air, or insects. Molds are not like bacteria in that they have many cells. They may look like skinny mushrooms under a microscope. The color of mold is due to the spores. These molds can be quite unhealthy, and that is why many people ask what happens if moldy bread is eaten.Let's find out more about it.

What Happens If You Eat Moldy Bread?

Eating moldy bread can cause certain problems. However, it usually depends on the type of mold you eat because some of them are more dangerous and can cause a serious illness. A number of fungi or bacterium can grow on bread – the most common examples are alimentary toxic aleukia, gangrenous ergotisms, Stachybotryschartarum, and aflatoxicosis.

So why do breads get mold in the first place? That usually happens when small spores of mold that can travel through air land on the surface of bread and start rotting it. In a matter of few days, your bread will turn from white to black. Even if you think most part of the loaf is clean, you may be wrong because tiny spores may have already invaded the rest of the loaf – you cannot see them with naked eye. Therefore, you should never eat moldy bread and eating moldy bread after cutting the mold off should also be avoided.

Other Foods with Mold: Eat or Throw Away

Eating moldy food is not a good idea because mold can be toxic. The best idea is to discard the food that looks rotten or has tiny furry spots of mold. Keep in mind that you should avoid sniffing the moldy food because it can release spores in your respiratory tract and cause allergic reactions or other complications. That is the reason why knowing what happens if you eat moldy bread is important. Here is more about other foods with mold that you can or cannot eat.

1. Foods Can Be Eaten

2. Foods Should Be Throw Away

After knowing what happens if you eat moldy bread, you have to avoid eating the following moldy foods at all cost.

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