7 Types of Substitutes for Vegetable Oil

When you are in the middle of making a dish and realize too late that you do not have vegetable oil, what do you do? Do not panic. There are many alternatives for vegetable oil out there. Your vegetable oil substitutes depend on what you intend to use the oil for. In addition, you need to consider the health aspect of your substitute too. Your best and healthiest way to substitute vegetable oil is by using cooking spray if the need is for pan frying or slightly oiling the surface. However, there are many more substitutes available.

Good Substitutes for Vegetable Oil

There are many different types of substitutes for vegetable oil and the choices you make will depend upon the dish you are going to be substituting this ingredient in. For some dishes, the vegetable oil is used as a frying while for others, it is for baking. A large number of optional items are available and will give completely different textures. The surprising news is that these substitutes come from different food origins, yet deliver same or similar end results. Here are some to consider.

1. Fruit Juices and Sauce - Applesauce or Cranberry Juice

2. Mashed Fruits - Bananas, Pear or Apple Butter

3. Fruit and Vege Purees - Prune, Pineapple, Pumpkin

4. Yogurt - Plan/Non-fat/Flavoured

5. Oils - Coconut Oil / Olive Oils

6. Molten Mayonnaise

7. Molten Fats - Butter /Shortening / Lard

As you can see, the vegetable oil substitutes are ample, but depend on the dish you are making. When baking, there are many other non-fat based substitutes to cooking oil that can yield similar textures. When frying, you will need to find more close substitutes with fat content to achieve similar textures of finished products.

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