Narcotics Types and Side Effects

Narcotics are the most potent pain killers that can effectively manage intensely severe pain without consuming toxic doses; however, due to significant addiction potential, most narcotics are available only as prescription medications and are used during procedures. However, do you know there are many varieties of narcotics nstead of just one?

Different Types of Narcotics

Narcotics are broadly classified into 4 classes, including.

Effects of Narcotics on the Body

How Does Narcotics Work

Narcotics exert their action by increasing the pain threshold at the level of brain. This decreases the sensation of pain and since narcotics also affect the release of brain neurotransmitters like dopamine, feeling of satiety or pleasure can be induced at moderate dosage. In case of severe pain, narcotic use decreases the demand, requirement and dose of over the counter pain killers that can affect the functioning of liver and kidney with chronic use.

Narcotics Side Effects

Just knowing types of narcotics is never enought, you should pay attention to their side effects. Most narcotics decrease the level of cerebral alertness that is responsible for anti-anxiety effect observed with narcotics. The common side effects include:

Prevention Measures of Narcotics Side Effects

No matter what types of narcotics you are using, narcotic side effects (or life threatening complications) can be prevented by following the dosing regimen as advised by doctor.

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