Is Pregnancy Test Before Your Period Accurate?

Wondering what is the ideal time for taking pregnancy test? If I take a test before period is due, can the results be accurate? Here are all the answers.

There are multiple tests available that may help in the confirmation of pregnancy before missed period. In most tests, you need to place the dipstick in the urine stream or dip for 5-10 seconds into the container with a fresh sample of urine. The test results are displayed on the strip in the form of color change, lines, negative or positive signs or just a word "pregnant" on screen.

Different testing kits can have different instructions which must be read carefully before the use. If you have queries about the kit usage and reading results then call the manufacturer to ask them. You can find the number in packaging or just call on a toll free number.

Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period? Can It Be Positive? Is It Accurate?

To answer the question, if a home pregnancy test it taken, some women have postitive results just 4-5 days before missed period, but most people have to wait a week after the missed period to get positive results. Anything before that can be inaccurate.  

To become pregnant, ovaries must release an egg. The process is called ovulation, which usually happens on the 14th day from your last period in a 28-day cycle. After getting released, the egg's life is 12 to 24 hours and within this period; the male sperm should fertilize it. Seven days after conceiving, HCG levels become high in the serum and may also start appearing in the urine. In most tests, higher HCG level is required for positive results.

So to answer the question, can it be positive? If the pregnancy test before missed period is carried out very early (say a week before period) the hCG amount of urine may be very low and unable to detect. The condition can be quite stressful, especially if you are pregnant but the test comes out false negative interpreting you are not pregnant.

The sensitivity of pregnancy tests also plays a role:

The test's sensitivity is written on the packet in terms of mIU/ml. The range of its sensitivity starts from 10mIU/ml and goes till 40 mlU/ml. The test is more sensitive and pregnancy can be detected earlier if the number is lower (suggesting higher sensitivity of the pregnancy test before a missing period).

The pregnancy test that can detect the earliest before a missed period is First Response Early Response. You can test yourself even five days before the due date of period but the accuracy of this early test is only 62% which is nearly the percentage you get after a coin toss. The accuracy of test increases as the days pass. The accuracy of test is 99% just a day before your expected period.

Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period:  What Others Have Experienced

 “I tested my pregnancy and got BFP, but not until the due date of my period. Earlier the same day I even got clear blue BFN. I guess it was bit more sensitive when time passes. I would suggest you to wait some more time and save your pennies.”

“My test showed positive on May, 23rd. The last period I had was on May, 1st and I'm quite sure that I ovulated on May,14th. The due date of my next period is May, 31st but I have already got 5 positive test results. Today, took my blood and soon I'll get to know how far along”.

“Every individual's body is different and so are the tests. So, before deciding, you should try multiple tests. Both my equate pregnancy strips showed negative, then the test conducted on target brand showed positive. Then again I tested using equate in the following week and it showed negative. To confirm I went to the doctor and his test showed negative but I know I am pregnant. So, the test results completely depend on your hormone levels, brand you're using and how far along you are. So, try every week and don't get frustrated”.

 “I am aware that the box clearly says that positive results can be achieved if the test is conducted before 5 days or before the missed period but that's not always the case. You obviously cannot get positive results if you have not conceived. It may happen early or may not. Please read the directions carefully. I personally got a positive on my son's time after a day of missed period and one day early on my daughter's time.”

The test I conducted 6 days before my period was due, gave a positive result. The "positive" display got a bit darker on the very next day. I had great experience with First Response2 line kit (the ones that aren't digital). I'm sure that every individual has different hormone levels but I'm not sure about how many DPO it was”.

When Should I Take a Home Pregnancy Test for Accurate Results?

Most of the home pregnancy tests claim that they are most accurate even on the 1st day of period missed or sometimes earlier. For more reliable and accurate results, you should wait and test after a week of missed period.

Just after when your urine lining attaches a fertilized egg with itself, the hCG starts producing inside placenta and enter into the blood and urine. In early pregnancy, the blood's hCG increases quickly and even gets doubled with 2 to 3 days. There are some home pregnancy tests available that are reliable enough to use and detect the occurrence of hormone in urine after a week of missed period. Some tests might not be accurate before the pregnancy. If you want your pregnancy confirmation immediately, consult your doctor for hCG detection or blood test. The test suggested by these doctors are more accurate than the urine ones.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

Mostly home pregnancy tests claim that they are 99% accurate just on the missed period day but according to some researches, the results cannot be clearly defined this earlier. The pregnancy test before missed period is usually not reliable as the ones conducted after the missed period. Do not forget to follow the instructions specified.



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