10 Ways to Judge If Somebody Is High

Many people want to know how to judge if somebody is high on drug. There are 10 ways to confirm if a person is a drug user. Read to learn the signs.

Being "high" actually means you are intoxicated with drugs, mostly marijuana. You can ask someone directly if they are high or you can pay attention to certain behavioral and physical signs. Many people want to know how to tell if somebody is high because it tells them if a person really needs their help. A person who is high usually "comes down" without any danger, but they may sometimes need your help. By learning about these signs, you can even determine if someone needs medical attention.  

How to Tell If Someone Is High

If you want to know how you can tell if someone is high, you should watch out for the following signs.

1.        Check Physical Signs

  • Smoking a drug will lead to watery or red eyes.
  • You may also take dilated or constricted pupils as a sign of stimulants, narcotics, or club drugs.
  • Involuntary or rapid eye movements may also be a sign of drug use.
  • Lip smacking and salivation are usually the outcome of dry mouth, which is a sign of drug use.
  • Frequent clenching of the teeth, licking the lips, or twisting the jaw may as well be a sign of drug use.
  • If you see someone with a bloody nose for apparent reason, this may be because that person has snorted a drug, such as meth, cocaine, or a narcotic.

2.        Observe How They Talk

If you notice an abnormal behavior when someone talks, he/she may be high. Some people may start to speak too quickly and too much, while others will have problems speaking. Someone who does not smell like alcohol but slurs words is more likely to be high. Similarly, someone who is high may have difficulty concentrating or following the conversation if he/she has smoked marijuana.

Another way of how to tell if someone is high is to listen to what that person says. If they are high on a harder drug, they may hallucinate and see things that are not there.

3.        Check for the Smell

If someone has smoked marijuana, you may get a metallic or chemical smell from him or her. Sometimes, people use air freshener, incense, or powerful perfume to cover up the smell of drug. Watch out for that as well.

4.        Watch Out for Shifting Energy and Moods

Though it depends mainly on the drug, someone who is high might be relaxed, euphoric, agitated, exhilarated, aggressive, or overconfident. You may even notice unusual intensity of mood with quick mood swings. Restlessness and sleeplessness are other general signs that someone is high.  If you fail to get a response from a "sleepy" person, the chances are that they have already passed out and need medical attention.

5.        Observe Their Appetite and Food Preferences

If someone is a regular user of marijuana, he/she is more likely to notice an increase in appetite. A person who has just smoked pot will feel tempted to eat large amounts of junk food and sweets. Similarly, cereal is usually an integral part of any stoner's diet because it is tasty, fast, and kills the cottonmouth.

6.        Do Not Overlook Unusual Actions

  • If someone you know exhibits unusually high sociability, poor judgement, lack of inhibition, or sex drive, you may be dealing with someone who is high.
  • Intense snacking and inappropriate laughter are two of the most common signs in how to tell if someone is high.
  • Violent, psychotic, and delirious behavior may well be the outcome of drug use.

7.        Observe Their Movements

A high person sometimes reacts slowly and even appears nonreactive to surroundings. Altered sense of pain is another sign that someone is high. Someone who has a hard time moving normally and is not drunk may well be high.

8.        Check for Drug Paraphernalia

Look for rolling papers, pipes, rubber tubing, and syringes to confirm if someone is high. The unwarranted presence of different household objects like eyedroppers, bent spoons, or cotton balls may also indicate drug use. Handheld mirrors, razors, or tiny spoons sometimes indicate the use of stimulants. Candy necklaces, pacifiers, and lollipops are some common drug paraphernalia used by people for club drugs, such as Ecstasy.

9.        Are There Any Signs of Habitual Use?

Do you notice darkened veins, bruising or lesions around the veins? Open lesions which are healing can mean that the person has recently used drugs. Rash or sores on the nose or mouth can also be a sign of habitual drug use.

10.     Other Signs of Being High on Drugs

Besides paying attention to abovementioned signs, you can check for other signs and understand how to tell if someone is high. Some of the most common signs are being introverted, glazed eyes, zoning out a lot, dirty outfit, mumbling when talking, slouching posture, partial lack of balance, drooping upper eyelid, etc.



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