10 Most Effective Mass Gainers You Should Try

Use top mass gainers to provide your body with extra calories and a protein boost when working your body. Try the 10 products here for positive results!

If you're looking to gain more muscle mass, you will need a higher amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. It's difficult to gain a lot of solid muscle because of the requirement for a good deal of nutrients, but this is where mass gainers come into play. A mass gainer is a supplement you can make shakes with to provide extra calories and a much needed protein boost so as to build up your body mass and gain strength.

Top 10 Best Mass Gainers

There are a lot of mass gaining supplements out there so it's important to find out which one serves your needs the most. No one wants to waste time reading dozens of labels before finding what they need. Below are the top 10 great mass gainers on the market and each serves different kinds of mass gaining goals.


Nutrition (per serving)


1. Optimum Serious Mass

  • 1,250 calories
  • 250g of carbohydrates without added sugars
  • 50g of blended proteins
  • 25 essential minerals and vitamins
  • Glutamine, creatine and glutamic acid

Optimum Nutrition is a highly reputable brand and they pack a punch in their Serious Mass formula. Serious Mass is incredibly effective for post-workout and in-between meal shakes. It also helps you gain mass efficiently and effectively helping you reach your ultimate physique goals.

2. BSN True-Mass

  • 700 calories
  • 90g of carbohydrates
  • 50g of protein
  • 6g of fiber
  • Delicious taste

An ultra-premium weight and lean muscle gainer, True-Mass aims to support serious muscle growth. It is packed with signature BSN protein formula that athletes' need to build their muscles and gain their ultimate amount of mass. Healthy fats found in it provide fuel to meet the high energy demands of athletes.

3. Optimum Pro Complex Gainer

  • 650 calories
  • 85g of carbohydrates
  • 60g of protein
  • 7 superior proteins such as whey, egg and casein
  • Mix and drink easily

When looking for best mass gainer, this one shouldn't be missed. Do not let the low calories per serving in the mass gainer fool you. Instead of simple sugars and fats, Pro Complex Gainer contains much higher percentages of its calories in premium protein-7 sources. Pro Complex Gainer is made with quality over quantity in mind. They understand the difference between gaining mass and gaining fat.

4. Cytosport Cyto Gainer

  • 60 calories
  • 74g of carbohydrates
  • 54g of protein
  • 97% fat free
  • Creatine and L-glutamine
  • Great taste

Cyto Gainer provides large portions of carbohydrates and proteins, with very minimal amounts of fat and sugar. Full of whey protein concentrate, partially pre-digested whey peptides and glutamine rich whey, it also provides highly effective support for protein synthesis. Creatine and L-glutamine are also added to promote muscle recovery, and it boasts a good taste.

5. MHP Up Your Mass

  • 510 calories
  • 58g of carbohydrates
  • 46g of protein
  • 7g of arginine
  • 9g of leucine
  • 23g of BCAAs
  • 26g of glutamine

Based on research and improvement for about ten years, Up Your Mass is a powerful mass gainer which will help you gain your desired muscle mass quickly. With an advanced mass-building formula you will have the right nutrition to really see results fast.

6. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

  • 600 calories
  • 88g of carbohydrates
  • 52g of protein
  • Low sugar content

Created with hardcore athletes and athletic people in mind, Real Gains is a great weight-gaining and muscle-building product. It also contains a very effective amino acid profile and is easy to mix in any liquid, no blender required.

7. Cytosport Monster Mass

  • 600 calories
  • 74g of carbohydrates
  • 50g of protein
  • 8.4g of L-Leucine

Here comes another best mass gainer. Cytosport Monster Mass is a powerful mass gainer and can be digested easily. This product is also packed with a 3:1:1 BCAA ratio to boost mTOR pathway activation for better protein synthesis in your muscles. Its advanced blend makes it a top ranking, quality mass gainer.

8. Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer

  • 600 calories
  • 55g of protein
  • Complex carb matrix
  • Sustained release protein matrix
  • Anabolic lipid complex
  • Creatine fusion
  • Branch chain amino acid blend
  • 99% sugar free

This gainer delivers right formula to improve the quality of muscle mass. It is designed for athletes with the desire to gain mass while also focusing on muscle recovery between workouts.

9. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

  • 1,900 calories
  • 82g of protein
  • 17g of BCAAs with added creatine monohydrate and l-glutamine
  • Essential minerals and vitamins

This is the solution to meet your calorie, carbohydrate and protein needs. It is formulated so you can build mass and sculpt muscles.

10. Vitol Russian Bear 5000

  • 2,600 calories
  • 184g of protein
  • High grade non-fat dairy and egg proteins
  • 46g of MCTs
  • Vitamin and mineral rich formula

This mass gainer is considered to be the leading product for both amateur and pro bodybuilders looking for bear-like strength and leaner muscle mass.


The best mass gainers will combine optimal proteins, essential fats and carbohydrates to increase their caloric intake and boost higher levels of muscle gain. Making mass gaining shakes using any of the supplements mentioned above like Serious Mass, Cyto Gainer or Monster Mass will give you the extra nutrition and vitamins you need for enhancement so you don't have to spend all your time or break the bank to gain the lean muscle mass you want.



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