What's the White Stuff in Sockets after Wisdom Teeth?

The pain caused by wisdom tooth is usually so unbearable that many people opt to remove it through a surgical procedure. The procedure usually requires post-operative care to make sure you recover fast. After the removal of your wisdom tooth, it is important that you clean your teeth thoroughly to keep bacteria from developing and causing an infection. Most people brush their teeth regularly but often end up noticing white stuff inside wisdom tooth hole. The question is, "Should you be worrying about this white stuff in wisdom teethsockets?"Keep reading to find your answer.

What Is the White Stuff in Wisdom Teeth Sockets?

It is actually the scar tissue, which usually means your socket is healing well. Since your mouth is always wet, the socket just cannot have a scab on its wound like you usually have when you have a wound on your arm or on other parts of your body. Even when you have a scab on your arm, it will turn white and become soft if you expose it to water while showering. The same happens in case of that white stuff in tooth extraction hole. It implies that you don't have to worry about that white stuff and continue following the instructions you have received from your dentist because it's just a damaged gum tissue in the healing process.

When Should I Worry After Removal?

You need to recognize the fact that wisdom teeth removal is never a straightforward procedure; in fact, there are certain risks and complications involved, such as nausea, bleeding, swelling, pain, vomiting, and more. The good thing is that the wisdom tooth removal procedure won't cause any long-term complications.

Sometimes, it becomes important to make an incision in the gum tissue to remove your impacted wisdom teeth – your dentist may even have to remove the bone as well. This may lead to some other complications such as infection in the socket caused due to trapped food, painful dry socket, damage to nearby teeth or nerves, and exposure of bone.

It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on your condition and know how your gum is healing after a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. You should call your dentist if you're experiencing following symptoms, which usually indicate nerve damage, infection, or another serious complication:

Aftercare Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even though you don't usually have to deal with several complications after wisdom tooth removal and don't usually need to worry when you notice white stuff in wisdom teeth sockets, you may need to take certain steps to ensure proper recovery. Here are some aftercare tips that will help keep things under control.

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