Numb Feeling in the Right Hand: Causes and Treatments

Numbness in your right hand means that you have lost the feeling or sensation in your fingers or hand. This can be caused by compression or other irritation of a nerve that travels to the fingers, hand or arm. You might notice a burning, tingling, weakness or sharp pain if this is the case. In more severe cases, this can be a sign that you are suffering from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or a palsy that is causing numbness on one side of the body. If you begin to develop numbness in your right hand, you should seek medical attention to ensure that you do not have a more serious issue developing that could be life-threatening.

Causes of Right Hand Numbness

Diagnosis and Treatment of Right Hand Numbness

Your doctor will narrow down what is causing your right hand to feel numb by performing a number of tests. They will usually perform a physical examination and follow up with an X-ray to check for injury or damage to the hand. If this is the case, pain medication can be used to help ease your discomfort. If the damage is severe, you may need surgery to restore sensation to your hand.

If you cannot determine what is causing the right hand numbness or you find this numbness is spreading to other areas of the body, it is important to consult a doctor right away to help determine what is wrong.

When to See a Doctor

If the numbness gets worse, comes and goes, affects both sides of your body, only affects a specific limb such as one finger, or appears to be worsened by specific motions or activities, talk to your doctor so you can get relief and avoid doing further damage to your body.

If the numbness is affecting the whole arm and also includes confusion, trouble talking, severe headache, dizziness, paralysis or appears to come on suddenly, contact emergency medical services immediately.

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