How to Increase Your Stamina with Exercise and Food

How to increase stamina? Keeping exercise and proper diet can improve your overall health by improving body structure and decreasing stress.

Increased stamina can help you take on more athletic tasks without becoming fatigued by slowly building up your endurance. Working on your stamina can also help you avoid injury or disease because your body will be functioning at a higher level. Aerobic exercise and proper diet, while helping you improve your stamina can help you decrease stress, which will help you avoid more serious injuries or health concerns later.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

How to increase stamina?Starting doing aerobic exercises now. It can help in many ways:

  • Lose weight - You will find yourself losing weight in a way that is healthy and guaranteed to help you keep the weight off long term. This will help you avoid serious health risks like type II diabetes, stroke, certain cancers or heart disease. Those already suffering from chronic conditions such as poor cholesterol, climbing blood sugar or high blood pressure often see an improvement in their symptoms when they take on a regular exercise routine.
  • Improve heart health - One of the most important benefits of taking on an exercise routine is the improvement it offers to your heart health. A heart that has more stamina will beat more efficiently, which will improve blood flow throughout the body and reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise also helps to increase the production of lipoprotein, which is often referred to as "good cholesterol" that will help keep your arteries clear, which can help you live longer and in better health.
  • Boost immune system- Improved stamina also boosts the immune system which makes it easier for your body to fight off viral-based illnesses such as the flu or the common cold. This will also reduce the time it takes for your body to recover from a disease which means you will be able to get back on your feet and back to functioning at your normal level more quickly and with a lower risk of additional damage to your body. Be careful not to overexert yourself until you are familiar with what level of activity your body can handle.

How to Increase Stamina: Types of Aerobic Exercise to Do

  • Walking- Many people who want to start a stamina building workout routine begin with walking. Walking can be taken on by people with a variety of athletic levels and can be increased easily as your endurance improves. People also like to start with this type of routine because walking does not require you to buy any new equipment. Just put on a pair of comfortable shoes and walk for as long as you can manage. Start with walking on even ground for five to ten minute sessions and work your way up to 30-60 minute sessions over the course of several weeks.
  • Jogging- Walking can also lead to a jogging routine for those who can handle additional stress on your body, most notably on your knees. Those who have never jogged regularly may want to consult with a personal trainer to make sure they are using proper technique so they can avoid injury. Just like walking, joggers should start with short sessions and work up to 30-60 minute sessions as they get more comfortable with the exercise. Both walkers and joggers should stretch throughout their workout to help avoid injury.
  • Swimming or cycling- These two can be great endurance building exercises. Both of these routines allow you to exercise without having to support as much of your own body weight. This reduces the risk of injury and makes it easier for those who are just starting with exercise to get started. Your doctor can recommend workout routines using the indoor cycle or swimming that will be appropriate for your current stamina level.

Healthy Eating

How to increase stamina?You want to create a diet that provides long lasting energy and proper nutrients to support your higher energy level.

  • Carbs intake. One of the main components to a stamina building diet is the intake of complex carbs such as potatoes, rice or pasta that provide long lasting energy. Avoid simple carbs such as cakes or crackers that break down quickly and limit the amount of energy you can get from these sources.
  • Plenty of iron. You also want to make sure you take in plenty of iron to help your body carry more oxygen through your blood stream. You can get iron from traditional protein sources as well as vegetarian sources such as broccoli.
  • Fruits such as bananas and red grapes help your body create energy. Bananas are a complex carb that also trigger dopamine which makes you feel more energetic. Red grapes contain resveratrol that will help you increase your energy while protecting your body from free radicals.
  • Drinking tea or isotonic sports drinks will help you stay focused and avoid losing too much liquid when you sweat. Drink tea that does not have too much caffeine so that you do not make your heart beat too quickly.
  • Avoid smoking. How to increase stamina? On top of adjusting your diet, a key component of improving stamina is to avoid smoking. Smoking deprives the body of oxygen which makes it more difficult to exercise and absorb nutrients that are necessary to maintain overall health. Smoking also causes other side effects that can be life threatening such as heart disease or lung damage that will make it difficult to maintain your stamina and overall health.



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