The Life Cycle of Fasciola Hepatica and More!

Two species of parasitic flatworms – Fasciola gigantica and Fasciola hepatica – affect the liver and are responsible for causing fascioliasis. These leaf-shaped worms are visible to naked eyes. Out of the two, F. hepatica is larger in size; in fact, it is among the largest flukes, measuring up to 3.5cm by 1.5cm. Both worms live in the liver and bile duct. Fasciola hepatica can affect 46 species of wild and domestic animals as well as humans. It is important to get an idea about the Fasciola hepatica life cycle to determine the best treatment option.

Life Cycle of Fasciola Hepatica

Fasciola parasites live as adult flukes in the bile duct and immature eggs go out through feces and grow in fresh water. Here is more about the life cycle of Fasciola hepatica:

How Does Fasciola Hepatica Affect Mammals?

Now that you know about the life cycle of Fasciola hepatica, you may be interested in learning more about how they affect humans and other mammals.

1. In Humans

There are 4 main developmental phases of fasiolosis in humans.

2. In Animals

The symptoms of fasciolosis in animals depend heavily on how much metacercariae are ingested. Let's take sheep for example. Clinical presentation is usually divided into four types in sheep.

How to Deal With Fasciolosis

Knowledge about Fasciola hepatica life cycle is important, but it is equally important to have some information about different treatment options for fasciolosis.

1. Treatment

Your doctor will advise you to take complete bed rest for some time. It is also important to be on a protein-rich diet. You need vitamins and iron for quick recovery.

In some cases, your doctor may prescribe drugs or recommend surgery:

2. Prevention

Figuring out Fasciola hepatica life cycle and taking actions to deal with it is never the best plan. That's because treatment may or may not prove that effective and recovery may take a lot, so it is better to take steps to avoid becoming infected in the first place. Here are some steps to take:

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