Frequent Urination in Kids: Symptom, Cause and Treatment

According to the International Children’s Continence Society, frequent urination in kids is defined as urinating 8 or more times during the day in a 5 yearold child or older. Often, frequent urinationis not a serious problem, even though it requires proper medical evaluation, regardless of the amount of urine eliminated every time. Remember that urination more than 8 times a day even when not accompanied by other signs and symptoms should be evaluated by a pediatrician.

Symptoms of Frequent Urination in Children

Common signs and symptoms of frequent urination include:

When Should I Call My Child’s Healthcare Provider?

You should call your child’s healthcare provider in the following cases:

What Are the Causes?

There are many reasons that can lead to frequent urination in kids. If your child is drinking excessive amounts of fluid during the day, it is normal to urinate more frequently. Constipation can also be linked to frequent urination. Some of the most common causes of frequent urination include:

Treatment for Frequent Urination

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