Pain under Left Shoulder Blade

Any amount of pain should never be ignored. While some causes are hardly anything to worry about, others can be pretty severe and lead to more complicated problems. 

Causes of Pain under Your Left Shoulder Blade

  1. Injury. Have you been exercising harder lately, or maybe you helped your neighbor carry a heavy load. Whatever the reason, injuring your shoulder blade is easy to accomplish, but the shooting pain is anything but easy to handle! Make sure not to work it any more than absolutely necessary until it recovers or you can cause long-lasting damage to it.
  2. Aging. While it's hardly the prettiest fact of life, aging causes your bones to brittle and become gradually weaker and weaker. While this is completely normal, you have to take extra care. Even a minor fall, which you would have gotten up and brushed yourself off in seconds 20 years earlier, can cause a lot more damage, pain and discomfort now.
  3. Wrong Sleeping Position. It sounds silly, but sleeping the wrong way is actually one of the top reasons why people complain from shoulder pains. Make sure you're comfortable in bed, particularly your neck position. A hot bath can help cure your sore shoulder muscles in this situation.
  4. Cold or Flu. One of the first indicators you've caught a cold or flu is body ache. If you have a cold or flu, it's natural that your entire body feels like it weighs a ton. Heat compress on your shoulder blades may help with the pain.
  5. Dislocation. Your shoulder is considered dislocated when it pops from its socket. A dislocated shoulder can be extremely painful, but a simple procedure by your doctor can replace it where it belongs.
  6. Frozen Shoulder. If you don't have enough synovial fluid around your shoulder joint, you may begin to experience some pain. Any movement causes pain, so sufferers try as hard as possible not to move their shoulders -- hence why it's called a "frozen shoulder". Heat therapy, medication and some simple, low-intensity exercises can all help ease your shoulder.
  7. Fracture. A shoulder fracture is one of the most painful types of shoulder pains, which covers your entire shoulder area. People who are suffering from a fractured shoulder have to undergo surgery, as well as post-surgery exercises to heal.
  8. Bursitis. The bursae are sacks located between your bones and muscles filled with fluid, acting as cushions when you contract/relax your muscles. Inflated bursae, however, can cause significant pain.
  9. Torn Rotator Cuff. Overusing, spraining or straining your rotator cuff can be causing your shoulder blade pain. Every movement you make uses the rotator cuff, so there's no running away from this pain.
  10. Compressed Nerve. Otherwise known as a pinched nerve, this is a common cause of pain under left shoulder blade.
  11. Trigger Points. Trigger points, otherwise known as knots, are the painful specific areas on your shoulder blade that form due to muscle strain and overuse. When touched, these areas can cause a lot of pain, and also ache when untouched.
  12. Subscapularis Inflammation. The subscapularis is the muscle that helps you to move your arm anticlockwise or inwards. When inflamed, which is a common injury amongst athletes, pain gathers in your shoulder region and sometimes it can take a long treatment period to cure.
  13. Impingement Syndrome. This condition is a result of excessive strain on your shoulder blade, where your bursa and tendons become inflamed. This can also lead to injury in your rotator cuff.
  14. Other Causes
    • Gallbladder: Patients suffering from gallbladder pains will usually feel pain radiating from under the right or left shoulder blade.
    • Inflammation: Inflammation of the pancreas, pleura or pericardium can also be felt from under the right or left shoulder blade.
    • General soreness of your shoulder blades as a result of peptic or intestine ulcers.
    • As a result of a heart attack.
    • Pneumonia, pulmonary embolism or a range of other health conditions can also cause pain under your left shoulder blade.

Treatments for Pain under Left Shoulder Blade

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