What Are the Fun Stereotypes of Men?

Stereotypes for men refer to the generalizations regarding the attributes of men and their role in the society. A general and fun summarization here!

Male stereotypes refer to the generalizations regarding the attributes of men and their role in the society. These are rough generalizations arising from common observations that are "believed" to be true. These stereotypes for men are fun to read and discuss; however, most of these have never been validated in proper research and it is not known how true they are. Also, it is not known whether the stereotypes are "thrust upon" by the society (parents, teachers and everyone else) on the kids or there is some biological basis for it. Classically, male stereotypic role has been that of the earning member of the family. Few other stereotypes attributed to men are:  

  • Men are obsessed with sex.
  • Men enjoy physically rough sports. Women might be annoyed by all the bruises and cuts in football and boxing but men love to play and watch.
  • Men engage more in tough jobs. Jobs like construction worker, mining, oil drilling are usually male dominated and we rarely find any women.
  • Men love "tech" stuff. Computer, videogames, fancy gadgets, smart phones, universal remotes, cars and the list goes on. Men's fetish for "tech" products is well known. The more complicated the instrument, the better it is, even though it may just do a simple task (e.g. Men want all the useless fancy features in there gadgets that they will never find any use for).
  • At home, men are the laziest creatures. This is one of the male stereotypes you must have heared of. Men may be the financial providers who work very hard in the office. They also might love to do stuff outside the house (fishing, camping, etc.). However, at home they prefer to just be the "laziest" creature in the house.
  • Men perform better in mentally challenging fields like science and engineering. Although this is also a pretty famous stereotype, this may not be true. The observed difference might be an error because of the thrusting of the gender roles on the kids. Harvard University president Lawrence Summers lost his job on saying something similar to this.
  • Men don't like to cook. Most men don't like to cook, even if they have the time and know how. It is very difficult to get them to cook if there is a woman in the house that can cook.
  • Men love the color blue. Men's obsession with the color blue and women's obsession with the color pink is one of the most famous stereotypes.
  • Men are doctors. Although now there are lots of female doctors, but men as nurses are still relatively rare. Classically, women have been the nurses and men doctors but this is changing rapidly.
  • Men are U.S. Presidents. This might be a pretty hard pill to swallow but in nearly a quarter of a millennium since independence, the country that has been the biggest proponent of equality and freedom has not seen a female president. So there's no surprise that this make the list of male stereotypes.
  • Men are very good at "guiding" their wife. All the married ladies would definitely agree with this that men are excellent at continuously "guiding" them on how to do various stuff while they themselves sit on the couch and watch television.



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