How to Live in the Moment

Change your attitudes towards life, smile more and be grateful to live in the moment and enjoy a healthy and satisfied life. Remember: All is well!

Remaining fully focused on what is happening at the present moment in your life and not giving a thought about the past or being concerned about the future is the true meaning of living in the moment. If you live in the moment, you are enjoying the life in here and now instead of worrying about the future and the past which are both nothing but mere illusions. The famous saying "tomorrow never comes" gives us the message that future is a mysterious thing which although is waiting to happen should be left obscured because the most important time is the present.

Why to Live in the Moment?

People who are living in the past or the future are living a fake life. It is meaningless to keep on thinking about the errors that we had made in the past or to dwell on matters that are concerned with our future lives. However, we spend most of our time doing this which leaves us anxious and traumatized. If you start living in the moment, you will no longer be bothered about the tensions of the future or results of your past mistakes. This will have a very positive influence on our physical and mental health. Since you would not be carrying any emotional baggage with you when you live in the present, you would be able to accept life as it is and make peace with the demons of your past. Also, you would start believing that whatever shall happen in future would be best for you.

How to Live in the Moment

1. Smile

The easiest way to live in the moment is to always have a smile on your face. Studies made on the subject have revealed that there is a connection between our facial reactions and our feelings. Thus, the more we are going to smile, the happier we are going to feel about ourselves.

2. Savor the Present

Savoring the present means to enjoy whatever you are doing at that present moment in time. Whether it is a walk in the park or a dinner with family members, keep your mind focused on that moment and appreciate the happiness it brings to you. This is going to help in enhancing your immune system and build up your self-esteem.

3. Take Notice of Small Things

Often we lose sight of the small things in life and keep on worrying about the bigger things which are mostly not in our control. So, shift your focus towards them and notice how small acts like eating ice-cream and listening to good music can cultivate positive feelings in you.

4. Lend a Hand to Others

Performing small acts of kinds is a great way of living in the moment. These selfless acts in which you lend a helping hand to others without expecting anything in return not only makes them smile but also give you immense pleasure and happiness too.

5. Be Thankful

Expressing your gratitude to others and saying thank you to them from time to time is an excellent way to live in the moment. Don't hold back in expressing your thankfulness if you feel the need for it. It will allow you to live in the moment and will make others feel good about you as well.

6. Stop Worrying

If you want to live in the moment then you will have to stop worrying. Although it's not that easy to do but still you must try to not waste your precious present time in thinking about what is going to happen in the future and keep yourself focused on the here and now.

7. Relax in Music

Meditation can be followed up with music to help you relax as well. Meditation music is capable of unclogging the mind and keeping you focused on the here and now. The Japanese flute music by Stan Richardson is an example of such type of music whose peaceful energy has the power to make people unwind.

Check out the music video of "Living in the Moment" by Jason Mraz:

8. Don't Escape from the Present

It is essential that you avoid indulging in activities which make you forget about the present. Things like daydreaming and losing yourself while reading a book or watching a movie give you the chance to escape from your present situation as they take your focus away from the here and now. However, it is totally wrong and stops you from living in the moment. Thus, instead of sitting in front of the television set and wasting your precious time, it is better that you engage yourself in activities like gardening, playing music or a game or knitting which allow you to enjoy the moment and remain in the present.

9. The 80-20 Principle

Living in the present is important but planning for the future is necessary too. For the most part you must focus on the present but do try to allocate some of your time for making plans about your future life as well.

When making decisions of marriage and choosing a career which are going to have an impact on your future life as well as of others, it is essential that you make them with care because making the wrong decision might have dire consequences for you in the future. So, it is of utmost importance that you give yourself proper time when making these future decisions that have a lot riding on them.  

However, it is easy to see that the need of making future decisions don't come that often in life. So, you won't have to live in the future that much and dedicate most of your time, about 80% to living in the present.   

Watch the video below for another smart tip on living in the moment:



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