Brown Discharge from Vagina: Causes and Treatments

Vaginal discharge is a normal, even healthy, occurrence. A vaginal discharge is the excess mucus and fluid that is produced by the vaginal walls and cervix. A vaginal discharge is the body's way of cleaning the vaginal area and keeps the vaginal environment healthy. The discharge removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the vaginal area. This sort of self-cleaning method is necessary for preventing infections. It is common for the color, texture, and the amount of discharge to vary, depending on the stage of the cycle. For example, during the ovulation stage, you may notice an increase in the brown discharge, which is not usually a reason for concern. If you experience other symptoms with the spotting, consult your gynecologist.

Causes of Light Brown Vaginal Discharge

There are a few reasons why a woman's vaginal discharge may be brown in color. The most common two are pregnancy and Perimenopause.

Causes of Dark Brown Vaginal Discharge

There are seven common reasons a woman may experience a dark brown discharge. Most of the reasons are not serious, however, a few are; so it is important to set up an appointment with your gynecologist if you have other symptoms of a serious condition or for peace of mind.

Complications of Brown Vaginal Discharge

Diagnosing the cause of light or dark brown discharge is as easy as visiting the gynecologist. They will be able to determine the cause based on the answers you provide to their questions, a pelvic exam, and possibly some other tests if your pelvic exam does not show a cause for the discharge.

Treatments and Preventions of Brown Vaginal Discharge

Some conditions that cause a light brown discharge such as pregnancy and implantation bleeding cannot be treated, as they are a natural process the body goes through.

If you have other symptoms or your discharge lasts longer than a few days, it is always a good idea to see your gynecologist. Treating a brown discharge depends on why you are experiencing the discharge.



The best prevention for brown virginal discharges depends on the cause of the discharge. You cannot prevent certain discharges such as the following.

The following causes of discharges can be prevented by receiving medical attention. This may require medications or surgical intervention.

In addition, to the above listed preventive measures , you can

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