A Safe Guide for a 500 Calorie Diet

An average man requires between 2000 and 2500 calories each day. For a woman, the daily requirement is 1500 to 2000 calories each day. A 500 calorie meal plan is so far below these daily requirements that it is sometimes called a "very low calorie" diet. This diet is generally only recommended for people who are very obese with a body mass index (BMI) over 30. Because of the dangers associated with it, anyone on such a low-calorie diet should be monitored by a healthcare professional who understands nutrition.

Possible Dangers of a 500 Calorie Diet

A diet of 500 calorie can be dangerous if not monitored closely, because there are so few calories in the diet. Possible dangers in following this diet include:

People Who Should Not Take This Diet!

Anyone who is obese should lose weight. However, it is critical that this weight loss be monitored by a nutrition specialist so your health is not adversely affected. In addition, there are some people who should NOT go on such a low-calorie diet. These groups include:

500 Calorie Diet Plan, Caution When Following It

Any weight loss plan should be well-balanced and monitored by a nutritional expert. A 500 calorie plan, in particular, should be developed by a dietician and should include moderate daily exercise. The sample below should not be started without consulting your healthcare provider.

With a 500 calorie meal plan, it is very likely that you will get hungry throughout the day. Your nutritionist may recommend that you first cut your calories to 1000 per day. Cutting back gradually may help you change your eating habits enough that you will not feel the hunger pains as acutely. You can also try spreading out the 500 calories over the day so that you can have snacks throughout the day. A great snack is fresh fruit juice without sugar added. Of course, drinking water can also help ease hunger pains by stretching your stomach. If you simply have to have some "crunch" in your snack, try celery, a few peanuts, or some unbuttered popcorn.

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