Black Spots on the Tongue: Causes and Solutions

Seeing black spots in your mouth can be alarming, but these are not necessarily a cause for alarm. Taking the time to narrow down what is causing the black spots will help you determine whether or not your condition is serious and what kind of treatment is necessary to help get rid of them. It's important to make note of the other symptoms you are experiencing along with the black spots on the tongue to help narrow down the cause of your ailment.

What Do Black Spots on Tongue Look Like?

Black spots may vary based on what is causing them to appear. In some cases they can literally be small black specks across the tongue. In other cases black patches may appear across the tongue, which typically start at the sides of the tongue and spread up to the center. The darkness of the spots may also vary from client to client. Some can be light and gray, some may appear more brown and others may be very dark. In some cases the black spots on the tongue may also be slightly raised, but this should not cause discomfort or pain.

What Cause Black Spots on Tongue?

How to Deal With Black Spots on Tongue

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