Tips on Skillfully Inserting Penis into Vagina

Sex is pleasurable; it not only feels good but offers numerous health benefits as well. It even helps strengthen relationship with your partner. Sex is pleasurable for men because the penis is full of nerve endings that stimulate when inserted into a vagina. Stimulation of these nerves will help you reach orgasm, which makes you feel great and inspire you to do it all over again. While most people have basic information about having vaginal sex, some want to know the correct way to insert penis for maximum pleasure. Learn the tricks!

How to Insert Penis Into Vagina

Men try different ways to make it more pleasurable for them as well as their partners. By inserting the penis skillfully, you can take control of things and handle everything on your own. Sometimes, a woman may also lend a helping hand when a man fails to insert it properly. You may have to hold her labia to the side to slide your penis with ease. Your partner can help here by holding her labia while giving you a perfect angle to enter her.

You should proceed slowly. Start by touching her vagina and feel it with your fingers. See if she is already wet down there or not. If she is not lubricated, it usually means she is not ready yet and needs more foreplay. You can also use a store-bought lubricant to make it less painful and more enjoyable for your partner. Lubricate her vagina nicely and then insert one of your fingers to find the best angle to enter her vagina. Once you find it, try the same with your penis. Slide it in while using your other hand to stretch the vagina a bit. Adjust your position accordingly. Be sure to continue touching and kissing her to keep her aroused.

If you are still not sure about how to insert penis, here are some tips to help you out:

These tips will help you understand how to insert penis. It is important to note that sometimes your partner is suffering from a condition called vaginismus, in which the vaginal muscle contracts involuntarily. This will make penetration difficult. If that is the case, it is advisable to see your doctor to take remedial measures.

How to Easily Find the Vaginal Opening

It makes great sense to spend some time online or try informative resources to get familiar with female anatomy. You need to learn a bit about the vulva, vaginal lips, labia, and other terms. This will help you understand exactly what you should be aiming for when penetrating her.

The best thing is to use your fingers first instead of using your penis without any knowledge about what angle will work best. It is okay to use your fingers to poke around a bit. You may also consider getting down there to have a closer look at your partner's vagina. Some don't like doing it, while others have no problem with it. See what works best for you. Use your finger to find the best angle to penetrate her, and then replace your fingers with your penis.

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