Symptoms of Diabetes in Men and the Treatment and Prevention

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a disease associated with high blood sugar levels. In this metabolic disease, the body is unable to convert excessive sugar found in blood to its storage form, which leads to other pathologies. The condition can occur in both genders. Here we mainly diabetes in men.

Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Symptoms of diabetes (or hyperglycemia) in men are:

1.    Increased Urination and Thirst

As a rule, any increase in solute can raise the filtration rate of kidneys, hence the amount of urine produced. Similarly, when sugar levels increase in blood, kidney starts loosing excessive water because of increase in filtration rate and osmotic diuresis. This mechanism may present as frequent urination and consequently body becomes dehydrated, which in turn increases thirst.

2.    Lethargy and Weight Loss

Glucose serves as the primary source of energy in our body. Whereas in diabetes, glucose cannot be utilized by the body as most of it is discarded due to the body’s inability to convert it. As a result, the person feels more lethargic and may lose substantial amount of body weight (especially in the early course of the illness).

3.    Increased Appetite

To utilize the extra sugar in blood, our body produces excessive insulin, which can cause hunger. As a result, diabetics often feel hungry and their appetite increases significantly without substantial changes in the amount of physical activity. This can cause weight changes in some patients, but in most cases patients persistently lose weight.

4.    Impaired Immunity and Wound Healing

Diabetes decreases the body’s ability to heal quickly and makes a person more prone to developing recurrent episodes of infections.This is one of the classic diabetes symptoms in men.

5.    Damaged Vision

High levels of sugar in blood can lead to damage to blood vessels. When this damage occurs to the retinal vessels (retinal vessels are found in the eyes), the resultant effect is referred to as ‘retinal neuropathy’, which can lead to vision impairments and loss of sight if left untreated.

6.    Erectile Dysfunction

High blood glucose levels can induce damage to the nerves and blood vessels of penis. This will lead to erectile dysfunction as the disease progresses.

Some individuals can develop other symptoms like persistent headache, dark patches on the neck, dry mouth and swollen gums.


Treatment of Diabetes in Men

Over the past few years, extensive research and clinical investigation has been carried out by investigators. Although, today there are many pharmacological options to manage diabetes and blood sugar levels, healthcare providers suggest that calorie control with strict prevention and caution in lifestyle is the mainstay of diabetes treatment. Some individuals may just need to refrain from certain kinds of food, or add regular exercise to their routine to control their blood sugar levels. The following are remedies for diabetes symptoms in men.

1. Medications and Insulin

Yet, others may need drugs to help control diabetes. These drugs are sometimes coupled with insulin, which is taken intravenously or via an inhaler. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted naturally by the endocrine gland (the pancreas) of your body in response to high blood glucose concentration. The primary function of insulin is to act as a hypoglycemic hormone by converting excessive dietary glucose to its polymeric form (i.e. storage form by promoting the peripheral tissue uptake and utilization of glucose).

2. Home Remedies

Here are some useful home remedies to aid your treatment.


Prevention of Diabetes in Men

Diabetes can be prevented in even the most genetically susceptible individuals with proper strategies as suggested by several clinical and research studies. However, such an effect can ONLY be achieved with strict control of diet and maintenance of a healthy life style.

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